The Book

Why Do You Need Jerk Radar?

Have you ever gone out with someone who seemed perfect at first, but ended up being a nightmare?

Do you find yourself falling in love but ending up feeling disrespected and used?

Would you like to make sure that something like that never happens to you (or someone you care about) again?

If so, this book is written for you.

What's Inside?

Jerk Radar will help you see how a Jerk takes advantage of common cultural expectations and romantic myths to blind you to his true intentions.

It will give you concrete ways to test out his intentions in the course of a normal conversation.

And the Jerk Radar Quiz provides an effective tool to screen every partner for Jerky tendencies well before obviously selfish behavior emerges.

 Full of true stories from abuse survivors, Jerk Radar pulls no punches in exposing what Jerks do and why we fall for it.

This is a useful, down-to-earth, practical guide to avoiding a bad relationship instead of recovering from one.