What is a Jerk?

What is a Jerk?

Many people think of a Jerk as someone overtly mean and inconsiderate. Such people do exist, but they are usually pretty easy to suss out, since they are not hiding their attitudes.

Unfortunately, there is another kind of Jerk, more subtle and harder to detect, and probably much more common: the covert Jerk. Such people seem normal, even unusually charming and charismatic. We're talking the kind of person who could sell fur coats in the Congo or fishing boats in the middle of the Sahara. They are very capable of handling people and making them feel important, wanted, and valued, and at the same time conditioning their victims toward a compliant or dependent attitude. 

I've heard many people wonder why victims stay in domestic abuse relationships. While there are many reasons, it is frequent that the victim is confused because they are dating a covert Jerk. It can take years of alternating abuse and "nice" behavior before a victim realizes that the "nice" behavior is not real.

Jerk Radar uses the stories and experiences of real Jerk victims so you will be able to see a Jerk coming, no matter how sweet s/he might appear on the surface, and get out before things get too serious and confusing for an easy exit.


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