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McCrea, 58, spent most of his career in Southeast Portland. He has been married over 30 years to his wonderful wife, Ginny Elliott. He is a father of three boys and grandfather of three girls, as well as a teacher, counselor and advocate. He's worked on domestic and family violence councils in Multnomah and Washington counties, and he served on the advisory council of Safety Matters, a safe-visitation and exchange program for domestic-abuse victims. He has also been the moderator for an on-line domestic abuse survivor bulletin board since around 2002.

Jerk Radar is built on stories and direct experience with domestic abuse victims who have experienced life with the worst Jerks imaginable. It is intended to help anyone who has been taken in by a charming Jerk to see why it happened and provide practical skills to avoid such partners in the future. It is also intended to help those just entering the dating scene to make sure they are never victimized by a smooth-talker with questionable intentions.