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Is it really possible to avoid bad relationships? Are the romantic movies wrong – aren’t we doomed to simply fall in love with another person whether it makes sense or not? Or can we really decide how far to let ourselves get into a relationship based on a more objectiveKeep Reading
There are lots of songs that support and even romanticize abusive behavior. Remember, I’m not criticizing these songs musically – I’m simply pointing out that our culture allows the romanticizing of dangerous behavior, and this is sometimes celebrated in song. I won’t go into details, just listing them out withKeep Reading
There are a lot of songs on the air that refer to Jerks and Jerky behavior. Some continue to romanticize Jerky behavior, some bemoan being in an abusive relationship, some celebrate getting out. I plan to write several blogs about this, but I’ll start with a song that you mightKeep Reading
While I spend a lot of time talking about common themes in movies and stories where Jerky behavior like stalking, emotional manipulation, insincere charm, jealousy, substance abuse, and aggressive sexual behavior are made to seem romantic, there are some movies that manage to be quite romantic while showing the maleKeep Reading
Beauty and The Beast, a Love Story? Anyone who has watched an hour of TV or Hulu in the last couple weeks has seen the ads: Beauty and the Beast! The biggest movie in the world! The beloved classic story! The romance! Disney's new live action Beauty and the BeastKeep Reading